Shoe picks for the week (August 17)

This season is all about making a statement. Probably you all know the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. These jewels are the perfect choice if you want to add an element of strength, elegance, femininity and wealth into your style and give that statement look we’re all aiming for.

As per usual, we are looking into retailers offers, available bargains to give you the list of 7 shoe designs to choose from for this week.

Office work
Diamond studded flats from yesstyle

These diamond studded flats are a comfortable yet elegant pair for those, who are looking to match comfort and style with their office outfit.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
5 7 3 6 6

Price £13.04

Buy them here

 Diamond stiletto heel sandals from monrsh

For those who are not aiming for ‘extravaganza’  look, these are a perfect choice. A pair that combines elegance with femininity. On top of that the price makes these beauties a very appealing choice.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
5 5 9 5 7


Price £14.99

Buy them here

Classy but ‘Comfy’
 Diamond studded platforms from asos

Who said you can’t make a statement with a comfortable yet jazzy pair of platforms? Been looking for such pair for quite some time now, that would look different and fashionable yet affordable. Think I’ve found a winner. These seem to tick all the boxes.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
7 6 8 6 6

Price 50

Buy them here


 Bridal heel sandals from casadei

I guess you can all agree, we’re all dreaming about that special day in our lives and we want it to be perfect. I came across a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo bridal high heel sandals and thought they would be perfect, however, who would afford a couple of thousand worth pair of shoes? Just a few days ago was when I stumbled upon a really nice website, which offers some insta-fabulous shoe designs and thought this is it! Girls, I am happy to introduce you to these fabulous high heel sandals from casadei. Incredibly similar to those of Jimmy Choo yet half the price.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
5 7 3 6 6

Price 680

Buy them here

Ivory satin embellished ankle strap sandals from asos

Bring it on bae! We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a pair that screams elegant, sexy and independent- these are just for you. Match them with a nice dress and that poor boy won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
5 6 8 6 9

Price 39.99

Buy them here


Diamond embellished stiletto heels in black satin from publicdesire

These strappy diamond high heel sandals would be a perfect match to any outfit, especially with figure hugging black dress! The price and the looks rates them high and would be our definite choice! 

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
6 6 9 6 9

Price 14.99

Buy them here


Pearl/diamond embellished block high heels from asos

The beauty of this section is that it proves- shoes alone can make a statement. This pair of high heels looks particularly refreshing and would be perfect for those fashionistas, who’re not afraid of experimenting with their outfits.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
8 7 8 8 5

Price 32.50

Buy them here





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