Shoe picks for the week (August 20)

Want to look fashionable and seductive, but stilettos are not for you? Prefer comfort over the size of the heel? If you answered ‘yes’, this week’s 7 shoe picks are just for you. 7 choices of block heels- for fashionable, desirable yet comfy look. 

Office Work
Velvet polka dot ankle boots from Dior 

Velvet polka dot ankle boots from Dior 

These lovely Dior polka dot booties would go great with an office suit or a dress. Light design, smooth velvet finish make them a fashionable yet elegant and comfortable pair of shoes and can add a certain level of cuteness to an office outfit.  

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
8 7 0 9 3

Price £1,090 

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Block leather high boots from Zara 

For a casual look we chose simple yet classy block high boots. They are so versatile: you can match them both with a pair of jeans or a loose summer dress and rock any outfit in any season. Price and comfort make these beauties a very appealing choice for us.  

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
5 6 6 5 4

Price £95.99 

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Classy but Comfy
Block leather ankle boots from Kurt Geiger  

Just look at the heel! Hints of amber and sapphires totally sold us. Classy pair of ankle booties with a jazzy block heel make them a perfect choice in this category. Kurt Geiger, you have done it again!  

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
6 7 5 4 6

Price £189 

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Contrast colour zebra print chunky heeled sandals from Boutiquefeel  

Are you one of those girls who want to look fashionable yet comfortable in any occasion? Rock your holiday in style? Then these, zebra print chunky heeled sandals, are just for you. We score these beauties quite high for their unique colour combination, trendy zebra print, comfortable design and a really good price.

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
7 6 9 8 7

Price £33 was £73 

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Suede and Satin sandals from Miumiu 

All the girl wants is a cute pair of shoes with huge bows. I am absolutely in love with the smooth suede finish, crystal studded heels and those pink goodies on top. I know what I will be asking Santa for this Christmas.  

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
8 8 1 10 7

Price £690 

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Party/ Nightlife 
Red flared heel sock boots from Misguided 

What a striking colour, probably one of the reasons for including these into our list. The heel sock design gives a trendy yet sexy vibe to your party outfit. On top of that, the comfortable heel will let you enjoy your favourite tunes in your favourite club without worrying about sore feet.   

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
7 5 8 5 8

Price £40 

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Block leather boots from Dior 

Why are these crazies? Well, let me tell you why. Usually when I think of leather boots, I imagine black or brown knee-high shoes. So these, therefore, are not an ordinary pair. Firstly, the combo of red, black and white is already as striking as it is, but to make red heels and soles adds big to the overall look. Outstanding, elegant yet stylish- perfect for a comfort looking fashionista.  Another reason for including these under the ‘crazies’ section was the retailing price. 

Comfortability Quality Price Cuteness Sexyness
7 8 0 2 5

Price £1,550 

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